Monday, May 11, 2009

Relaxing Weekend.... wonderfulll

What a wonderful weekend? Did you have a great time? I spent most of it hanging out. We went to the auction on Saturday and my hubby took some things to sell. We have a room ful off horse tack. some of which we never use. So in the vain of spring cleaning. Out the door to the auction it went. My son took half a dozen boots that were to small for him. The guys who run the auction let him come up and chat on the mic before they sold them. They mentioned he was saving money for vacation this summer and asked him what he had to say about his boots. He got on the mix and said "I hardly wore them" And he carried them around the arena and held them up in the air. He made about 67.00. He was a pretty happy camper. We pretty much came up with a wash because of course we bid on a few things. I think there will be more next month as we are definitely in clean out mode. It was fun and relaxing. Oddball and some cute things we saw at the auction: A taxidermy armadillo, stretch rattlesnake skin, some weird tack items for horses, a rifle from the 1800s, a lamp, just random things. It is always interesting and you never know what you will find. Me .. I find some relaxation. we took Freckles with us and she just hung out with us. So this is good. She was very relaxed and slept a good portion of it. My niece went with us to. sooo much fun. She was checking out a few horses. They even had a mini stud. He was full of attitude. A lady next to me said... Wow he is a mean little attitudy horse. I smiled and said. You would be to if the top of your head barely reached everyone else's butts. She looked at me like I was crazy. She had been complaing most of the day and I didn't hear her much after she said that. He wasn't attitudy per se. He was just in the pen where the most activity is going on and he wanted to run around and smell all the different smells. So he was constantly on the move. Early in the morning when we got there. he was very friendly and calm. who knows maybe he was Mr. Attitude, but he sure was cute! I am a sucker for cute.

Then Sunday we spent the afternoon floating in the pool at my in-laws and bbqing. A very relaxing afternoon. So this morning I got up and started working on all the files and was ready to go. Nothing like some sleep and relaxing to help you get in gear.

I am also excited because my friend Lori is coming to Phoenix and I am meeting her there. If anyone has any recommendations for an easy lunch choice and additional must see scrapbook stores. I will take this recommendations. hoping to get together a lunch stop for those who are in Phoenix that we could all meet up. Working on the details. You have any ideas. let me know.

Well that is it for now for me... I am off to get converting.
have a wonderful day!

Chris Durnan, designer
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