Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures from the roof..

So here are some pictures from the roof of the house. I took Monday night. Slightly cloudy and looking like it might rain, but wow. ... I took them and.. well wait a minute wait til after you see and then I will tell you what I told my hubby...

This first one is the sandbox and I was noticing our new puppy laying there watching my kiddo play in the sandbox. She is never far from him. So the paths lead to the garden. My hubby has taken it over. and it is thriving with his patience and hard work. Right past that clump of trees is a big wash. Which is a dry river bed. So it is flooded when it rains, but otherwise just a big huge dip. It is probably about 12-15 deep and 40 ft across. This is nice as it is a natural barrier between our neighbors and us. I moved down a dirt road for privacy. Having grown up on a farm in Wisconsin I cherish space and not seeing the neighbors.

And then this is view of our "hobby barn" There is a tack room, my craft room and my hubbies office. It has an awesome patio on it that we tend to dance in the evenings out there. Thinking' we are fixing that roof issue on the end this weekend that happened because of a microburst of wind. I love the mountain views. They are ever changing in appearance. And then there is the fort. Our horse shoer asked if he could rent it out if he needed somewhere to stay. I told him sure it has a fisherprice kitchen that comes with a grill and tool time bench. A slide to get out and a fireman pole. What more could you ask for. And our mini rv is in the picture on the bottom. Love the little thing. Drives like butter and it isn't much longer then my Expedition. Fun to tool around in.
Then this is a little more to the right of the view above. Our horse pen and arenas. And our close friends live in the house right there with the big barn. We have two of their horses here at our house. For ease of feeding. Works pretty convenient as they cover us when we head out of town, but again more mountains.

So after seeing all this and sitting there in awe because I can't hammer a nail in to save my life much less on a pitched roof with slippery blue waterproofing stuff on it. nails just keep rolling down the roof and off it. As my hubby toiled on our new roof and I sat and watched the view. .. My comment was... we should put on a second floor and move our bedroom up there to wake to these views every morning.. Well I think if he had had a nail in hand and the hammer swinging he would have hit his thumb and a nail would have fallen off the roof. But he smiled and said... Well you don't ask for much do you? and he turned around and sat and said... well.. Yes we need a second floor after we finish some other things.
Love that man..
I am recouping from a nagging head ache that doesn't seem to want to go away. so I may be in and out. And this weekend I will definitely be touch and go for email as my Dad will be here from Wisconsin for a few days! Woohooo!! So excited. Miss him tons.
Off I go. Have a wonderful evening!



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