Monday, May 18, 2009

What a pleasant Surprise ...

So nice to get an email filled with Joy! and this was from Joy. Joy of Obsessed with Scrapbooking. Apparently she liked my site so much she posted a review on her wonderful blog. so I wanted to say Thank you Thank you Joy! what a pleasant surprise!
There will be an announcement coming up... Can you wait?? I am excited and happy about it... Well more on that later.
On to life..
This past weekend my hubby ripped the roof off and I got up there and helped him put down the waterproofing stuff. I know there is a technical name. I have no idea what it is called because I don't want to be a roofer. Well I had to do it again this evening. And I got some pictures of our view from above. Very nice. I will post them tomorrow when I get them off the camera. I love my husband and I love to do things with him. On the roof I am okay it is the getting up and down that freaaakkks me out. And the ladder is fiberglass so because I have shorty legs My knee rubbed on the side of the ladder as I was trying to get around it to get on. So my knees are itchy itchy. (yes I had shorts on. It is hot!) the best part... well maybe not the best.. but slightly humorous. I have some "junk in my trunk" as they say. and maybe load on the front as well. I know this. But I was trying to get around the ladder top and on to it and my underwire bra got stuck over the top ladder rung and I was standing a rung a little to low to unhook myself. I think my hubby would have laughed had his wife not been terrified she was hanging feets up in the air hooked by her underwire trying to go down the ladder. mentally I was thinking.. if I fall how do you explain to the attending physician at the ER... well you see.. I got hung up on my underwire and couldn't get free. Any other time and the dam things are bent, poking through fabric and nearly killing me... So yes I got hooked by my underwire up in the air on a ladder. The explanations would have been miserable. I am sure the fall would have been worse, but trying to explain. .. how woud it go.. well you see I know I have junk in my truck.... hahaha. okay yeah.. thank goodness my hubby has a steady hand and helped me unhook. He prides himself in his unhooking abilities at times, but that my friends is a totally different scenario... :: evil grin::
Have a wonderful evening!!!

Chris Durnan, designer
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