Monday, October 27, 2008

My email box runneth over with Challenge submissions.

Hello to all!! I am working on downloading all the submissions for the challenge. My most successful yet! Wow! I had to empty my email box 3 times yesterday to keep up. I usually have to empty it once every three days. Wow. Phenomenal. So I will work on getting them all downloaded and into the slideshow to post tomorrow.

I took yesterday off to rejuvenate my brain. We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma and Papa and then came home and I just read a novel. Nothing to think about. Made some salmon for dinner and hung out. Now I am back at it!

Thank you to everyone who has joined Bingo. Wow Karen really got it going and she cannot wait to call out the words. You have a few more days to get your words in. So jet on over to the forum and see what is being listed as some awesome family traditions.

Also, my friend Lori is back into the blog world (waving at Lori). If you need a beautiful holiday gift with lots of personalized sentiment. Check out Lori's stars. Wow! They are phenomenal. Missed you Lori!

That's it for right now because I have to take the kiddo to school and hang out in town and wait for him. So I am headed to the library to wait.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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