Friday, October 10, 2008

Cookie Dough Fundraisers... And Challenge Pictures.

Hello hello.. Well I am almost off to town. I need to work in the office in town today. We moved to a new office and the picturs have been sititng on the floor leaning against the wall they need to go up on and things are sitting out. time to get it organized and then go up to visit my hubbies family. They were out of town last week and Dalen wants to see them. Also, he is selling cookie dough for school. So last night he called my brother and sister and got the Aunt and Uncle purchase of cookie dough. He is practicing his sales pitch. hahah it is cute. He is convinced he is gonna talk Grandma into the colored dough. Hmm Not so much. Grandma didn't think it was a hit last year. However, they have sugar cookie dough and that will help with Christmas cookie making.

Lots of folks hitting the new forum. Thank you to everyone posting there and joining in. A warm and pleasant bunch over there. Also, if you are a Chris's Cutter file Club, Originally QMC, there is a section just for you. Join the Forum and email me with FORUM ADD in the subject. If you haven't joined the membership yet, you can do so at the link on the upper righ hand side of my blog.

Well I better show some pictures quick before I have to throw the kid in the shower, feed the horses, check email... oh and get myself dressed. hahah. This would be a GOOD thing.

If you want to join the challenge, you can still email me and join it. It isn't due til the 26th. However, you will probably get the link Sunday as Saturday I am hoping to hit the pumpkin patch.

Thank you to everyone for their submissions!! The are all wonderful and sure make my blog look wonderful!!

From Patti A
From Abby

From Kalyani

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!!


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