Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kinda Racin' and here are some images from the challenge.

Feelin' jumpy internally today. So I am gonna keep this short and sweet while I work on items.

VISIT the forum for Chris's Cutter File Club/QMC Members. I am running a poll and need your input.

Next here is the most current slideshow. I am working on updating everyones names with their pictures. PHENOMENAL. This was my most participated in challenge yet. Thank you! Thank you!


Chris Durnan, designer
The designer of the original QMC for Cutter Files - aka Chris's Cutter File Club. Files available in SCUT GSD KNK WPC & AI. Multi-layered, Test Cut files. 20 plus files, but every membership so far has had 29 files for $10. Join today and get that icing on the cake of 9 extra files over 20 for $10.00
For more info... http://visualdesignsbychris.com/ccfclub.html . Don't miss out before it closes!


kris said...

Hey Chris,
Okay....I have looked and looked and looked some more about the pole for the QMC, but can not find it. Can you send me the link to where to find it on your forum?

Anonymous said...

This was a terrific challenge to participate in. I'm so glad for you that you had so many submissions. Kudos to Chris for her talents and to everyone that was able to utilize her wonderful designs!

Debbie Z

Heather said...

Ok silly question where can I find the poll in the forum?? I've looked and can't find it.. I guess I'm having a brain freeze!!!