Monday, October 13, 2008

It's monday!!

Wow what a weekend. We got so much done on Sunday. We just worked at the house and tried to finish up things. I am having some friends over for a fire on Saturday night and Chili. So trying to get some things done. After that we will be trenching for power for a new patio area and the area will be ripped up for quite a while. Yes, we are always doing something. we can't help it. When we moved onto our place there was only corner signs. Since then we have built and added and fenced and etc etc etc. I like it. :-) Keeps us going. But I got to cut some things this past weekend and also decided that this week is FILES for QMC week. So If you are a member of Chris's Cutter File Club you will be getting files this week. I have so many pieces and after this past weekends test cuts I know where I am headed with them. Wew.

Also, I will be posting some of the sooooo awesome Challenge pictures I have been getting. You guys just astound me. Phenomenal!! But those will be tomorrow and the rest of the week.

On to life.. So our Expedition has a Service Engine Soon light on. This light drives me nutz. I plan to call our wonderful mechanics (Super Car Center originally Tucson Independent Muffler. I love these Guys. Honest. Hard Working. I refer them to everyone I can) and see if we can get it in on Thursday night to Friday. But a big part of me is thinking ... If you know the engine needs servicing.. why can't the dash just say... Oxygen Sensor problem, Engine is going to die, Needs Windshield washer fluid.. things like this. I am the owner of the machine why make it so mystical. We own a business and try to educate the owners of the computers every chance we get. Some are not so receptive to it and some appreciate the regular lingo and not the geek speak. I just gotta think that having an actual "THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG" light so I can look it up would make my stomach not so stressed about is it realllllly reallllly bad. Oh well. just a girl point of view most mechanics would probably think. Our mechanics are great at taking the time to explain to me or to show to my hubby exactly what the deal is.

And Yeah.. for the first weekend I realized I wasn't feeling pain twinges in my back. I swear I will never ride the inner tube behind the boat again. or at least not until next time. haha. But many alive I really tweaked it and now I am moving around again and thinking I should be able to ride a horse next weekend.

Speaking of horses. We went to the horse auction it was the versatility auction instead of the regular monthlys. My hubby big on two babies. Very nice, well bred, confirmation sound horses. But there was one that I watched a lady ride around and I said to my hubby. Thats it That is the best horse here. He just smiled at me and nodded then took a longer look and we were both drooling. 2 year old stallion but calm as could be and beautiful and our of Smart Little Lena which is a phenomenal horse. Needless to say starting bid was 15,000 and well worth it. However, this economy there was no takers. So I am sure the horse will be up at the sale in Northern Arizona this weekend. A sale that has a lot more hype and gets much better prices for a buckskin (coloring) horse and with that breeding. Oh well. One can drool. But it was nice to know I can pick out the nicest horse on the lot right off.

My little one had an awesome time at the auction. He plays with every kid there. Well more like they play with him because I am one of those ultra prepared moms. In the car all the time a bag of cars. No matter where we are they are great for attention getters. So my son was sharing his cars with 3-4 other kids. It makes the watching the auction more pleasureable for my hubby and I. They usually play at our feet in the dirt with all the trucks. Whatever works. He is dirty and filthy when done but at least he had a good day to. Oh and he got a new spurs. He put them on immediately and wondered around clicking them and looking back at them to make sure they were making enough noise. One of the old cowboys gave them to him. the other kids were envious, but my son shakes the mans hand every time he sees him and is polite. Must have made an impression on him. very nice.

Well I better get back to those files. Or I could reminsce here all day. I still have to get the cookie dough order together to take to Nana's this afternoon and see what she would like to get. Have a wonderful Monday!


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