Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday WoW? BINGO Game signup, Adventures in Gluten Free cooking!

Is it really Friday already? Wow? This weekend should be lots of fun. My Niece is turning one! And then after that I am going out for drinks with my siblings and their significant others and my hubby. While Grandma watched the kiddos. This is fun. An Adult moment. then on Sunday, we are headed to Willcox to pick a pumpkin, ride the hayride, buy some veggies and (first and formost for my mom-in-law) eat apple pie. I won't be partaking, but watching their faces eat it. Apparently it is yummy good. To much crust for me.

And what can you do this weekend??? Well sign up for Bingo of course. Karen is hosting for my at the forum. So please take the time to run over there and sign up. 1st place will win a Membership in Chris's Cutter File Club for Jan-March 2009.

I am still getting submissions for the challenge and that is awesome. I will repost a new slideshow when I get them all up. They are all due by Sunday. Phenomenal crafters!

Tomorrow I have to get into the craft room. Do some test cuts on some new files. And also, cut some vinyl for on my nieces Birthday gifts. I have a few things to cut to personalize different peoples gifts. So hopefully it will all go smoothly and I will be on to making my Homemade Gourmet KEYLIME CHEESECAKE Ball. I bought Graham Crackers to go with it and my own kinda crackers. It is gluten free. and yum yum. So I think I will also. grate some lime peel with my microplaner (i think that is what it is called) to give the ball a green zest. add some interest to it in eye appeal.

Last weekend I tried to make Cornbread gluten free. I have a few recipes, but mixes are so much easier. I made two. One from the package recipe by Bob's Red Mill gluten free mix. And the other. I took the mix and added its ingredients and then also added a can of cream corn, 1 cup of cheddar cheese, and 1 can of green chiles. And cooked it for a bout ten minutes longer. It was yum! the first one got eaten to, but the second one went like hotcakes. Made twice the batch when adding those ingredients. So I will be trying it again. I like to mess with recipes. lots of fun. I made my first white chili to. It came out sweet according to my hubby. I think because I used frozen white sweet corn. So my hubby added some jalapenos from my garden to it and some Tony's. Tony's Creole seasoning is a staple in our home. It gets used more then salt and pepper.

Well now that my tastebuds are just watering. I am off to get some things finished up for this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend yourself and don't forget to join the BINGO game at the forum.


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Margie Visnick said...

If you are willing to share your recipe, I would LOVE to try that Key Lime Cheesecake ball! You could email me the recipe (or even post it here on your blog!) Thank you for your beautiful files and inspiration!