Saturday, February 17, 2007

You Break It, You Buy It!

So I have been asked for this a few times because of my previous post about my sister's quad. We made this for her nice toy and put it right on the gas tank which is right below the handle bars. We cut it with white vinyl and the "4-wheeler" was red. So it stood out pretty nicely to make people think twice when riding it out of her sight.

In creating this because I didnt keep the old file. I thought this might fit nicely on someone's cutter they have at home as well. It is nice to share your toys as a child or even as an adult, but at times it can be so hard. We are currently trying to teach my son how to share. He does pretty well, I must say. Especially if it isn't the toy he really wanted in the first place or the food you have looks better then his. And for all those wondering I don't have this sticker on my cutter and yes my sister bought her own cutter after we played with mine one afternoon. She lives not to far away, but we never did do really well sharing when we were younger. But in retrospect I have never ridden her quad either. hmmm. I will have to think on that, maybe we aren't so great at sharing in our adult lives as I'd like to think. So maybe I will live in that self denial. How about this thought ... it isn't that we don't like to share, we just like to have our own. So heres to sharing. 68 downloads this one is gone.. However, please do not share the files yourselves as I am sharing with you. Downloading the file is an acceptance of this guideline as well as that the file is for personal use only. PW stpat. Enjoy!

I am curious as to what everyone has the hardest time sharing. If you have a thought, please post a comment here. I'd love to read it.


PS. So the them of todays post is sharing. If anyone has used my files in a layout. I would love to see them, if you'd like to share.


Nancy said...

Hey, don't feel one else has ridden my bike! Not even Dad! yikes! It's nothing against ya...but if you come out one can ride it..around the campsite! ha! love ya!

Anonymous said...

Chris - comment on sharing as adults.I don't think the problems adults have with sharing is really the same as when we were kids, that of selfishness perhaps, but more that as adults the 'toys' that we have are often our very prized possesions. Something that we have often worked 'extra' or saved for and therefore treasure! We are therefore a bit too protective and forget that it is just a thing and not nearly as 'valuable' as the friendship we may be risking.