Monday, February 12, 2007

House Card

Requested on one of the groups was a "House Card" this is my version which I sent to the requestee. It folds on the left and right where the white lines are and closes in the center. The door has a perf in the file or you could change the line to a cut to make the doorway open. It is set at a larger size and would need to be cut on a larger matt. When it cuts the card should fit into a standard 5x7 envelope. Hope you like. Happy Monday!
This file is no longer offered as a download, but you can Purchase it HERE. Terms of Use: For Personal Use Only. Downloading the file is showing an acceptance of this term. Password: Cupcake


Sussann said...

awesome files! Thank you sooooo much for sharing your lovely work!!!

Rick said...

Hi anyway to get this file??? I am new to Wishbalde and would love to have this one... Thanks