Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun Idea - Paper Masks

Have you ever seen the books.. Guardians of Ga'hoole or how about Legends of the Guardian?
My son jumped in with his own ideas for this Summer Fun Idea. How to make your own masks and talons similar to the characters in the books.

He created the mask on his own and then found a how-to online for the talons. They were origami claws I think. Here is the link.  Folded them all up on his own.

This kid never ceases to amaze me. He cut all the mask and paper and showed it to my hubby and I guess they chatted and the decision to make the headband piece around the back to hold it in place was made. So with a little ingenuity, Dad's help, paper, scissors and some inspiration, my son was creating one of his favorite book characters masks. Pretty cool. However, I might be biased. 

So if you can think of a character in your favorite book and create a mask it can be lots and lots of fun. And there are tons and tons of origami folding tricks out there on google. 


**Disclaimer: the image above and the series of books mentioned are not mine. nor do I have any affiliation with. my son just loves them. loves them. I have no representation of it in anyways. Other then my son thinks they rock! and I can't buy enough of the series for him. 

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