Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun Summer Ideas - Book Spine Poetry

This is the beginning of the Fun Summer Ideas throughout June and maybe into July. My Son and I spent some time looking through ideas and coming up with things we have loved to do recently to post for you to see. So we will be checking out all the comments and posts to see what everyone is coming up with. My son will be super excited to see everyone's ideas with his. So please share. 

Here is our Poetry spine idea. 

So we love to read read read here. And this really spiked my interest. We continuously weed out books from my son's book shelf. He is an avid reader. Almost a clepto book collector. He will go to the public library with me grab two books, he school library and grab a book or two on his or my number, and then also walk through the grocery store magazine book aisle and talk his Dad into buying him a book he just has to have.

So here is an idea to enjoy over summer break and I would love to see what you come up with. Please share your pictures in the gallery, on facebook wherever. Just tag me somehow or post to me so I see. I would love to see what you come up with... Here are some of the photos from @ the library facebook page. 

This was the winner Elizabeth's photo. This photo is from the @the library facebook page. A great like to have in your news feed.

Here is another from Chicopee Library. Here is the photo link. 

These are not my photos. So please visit the sites I saw them on. 
And I'd love to see yours. 
What can you come up with... 

My recommendation tho' if you do this at the library. 
Tag spot you got the book from so you can put it back. 


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