Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer fun idea - Out of the food rut..

Kids are so awesome at knowing what they want for dinner.
Pizza, mac and cheese, PB & J

I call these rut foods. Just the usuals.

 Encourage them to think of something they've never tried before.

How about making your own pizza with something they have never had a pizza. My son tried a Hawaiin Pizza the other day and the pineapple made him uber happy. A total step away from the usual cheese. We also like to make our own at home often. 

Instead of pasta with cheese, how about toppings out in little bowls. And let them put some toppings on their noodles that are a little less processed.. Some ideas are halved cherry tomatoes, fresh peas, red peppers, chopped up left over grilled chicken. Toss it all with a little bit of olive oil.
And of course freshly grated parmesan and not parmesan dust on the shelf. The little bit of fresh can make all the difference. 

Berries Frozen and whirled in the food processor with a little whip cream on top yum. Forget the ice cream. all that flavor goodness without the additives. Yum!

I have to ask how many of you have this book, Betty Crocker New Cook Book,  on your shelf? or how about your Mom did? I found it at a book sale for 50 cents. my copy is all torn and beat to pieces. So I grabbed this one. My son was thumbing through it. We will see what we can come up with. I'd love if you shared what you come up with!

Enjoy and Bon Apetit!

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