Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fun Summer Ideas - Diorama

Recently my son created this Diorama built with the landscape of the "Warriors" series. To include, caves for them, a barrier wall, cats out of pipecleaners, and fallen tree in the back corner.
My son came up with this idea on his own. he showed up with a pile of rocks, the toothpicks from one of my other projects, and some pipecleaner. He asked me how to make cats. Well we cut and twisted the pipe cleaner. He twisted some more to make a fallen tree. Really he just kept at it. And it made me smile.

Basically I think the diorama is a miniature 3 dimensional scene. I think typical it is supposed to have a backdrop so maybe we will add that. I think we will save this little scene and keep adding to it and enter it in the Fair next year. See how it does.

Here are some other diorama's I saw on Pinterest. If you make something, we'd love to see it.

  My Son and I spent some time looking through ideas and coming up with things we have loved to do recently to post for you to see. So we will be checking out all the comments and posts to see what everyone is coming up with. My son will be super excited to see everyone's ideas with his. So please share if you get the chance.


This is a popular character. You can find the link to it HERE. 
If you are going to participate in the creating, which I think is an awesome idea. This might be your style. Very pretty and puffy made from different materials. you can find the link HERE. 

This one below is a habitat diorama so you can do some research and is made from paper mostly. A good backdrop may also be a pizza box which opens flat.
You can find it here.

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