Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun Summer Day - Photo Booth

Some days are meant for fun and giggles and photos. If you have a cutter you can cut out all kinds of fun disguise pieces.

Then put together a photo booth. How about a sheet hung over the back of two chairs. A tall footstool to set the camera on and props.

You can cut out some props and put them on straws if you have a digital cutter.
Or you can dig through what you have. hats, glasses, scarfs and silly. Maybe some Halloween costumes that you have random pieces for.

I think the best part is making the photo black and white just because. Might give you some fun photos to scrap or put in a frame.

And don't forget some fun happy music in the background. One person can be the photographer and shoot pictures. Don't forget to get in the photo with your kids. Later in life when looking through photos they will gladly tell their kids. "That is your Grandma and we had so much fun that day just being silly. " They won't care that you don't like your wrinkle or your eyes or your smile or your blah blah. They will care that they can share the memory.

If you create any, we would love to see!! My son and I worked on these Fun Summer Ideas together so we would love love to see what you come up with props!


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