Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vinyl Organizer in the KNK corner

Organization is the Bingo Theme this month and I decided to get some organization together in my craft room one corner at a time. I hate to have my vinyl laying down where it gets creased or standing on end where the edges get mucked up. So here is my project to try and lay it, but not get it creased. Especially that treasure Heat Transfer Vinyl. We do not want creases there. 

As promised, here is the brown vinyl organizer made from those great tubes the vinyl comes in. I have hung it in my corner by the KNKmaxx. This corner is busy, but I have everything right in hand.  My "command center" as a I call it. Is a horseshoe of desk height countertops.

Here is a photo with markers on it 
The vinyl holder on top. The touchscreen my hubby came home with one day for my KNKmaxx. I use this machine soley for the the KNK and I don't have a keyboard on it. I create on my laptop and when cutting the KNK lags it down so I can't do anything else. This is why I love having it's own "terminal". Nice to have a handsome hubby in the techy world to find these cool techy toys for me and that also rides a horse on the weekends. 

The tool holder is a toothbrush holder that I put my folding bone, and two different spatulas in it for getting items off my mat after cutting. You will see in the corner is my blue painters tape, some stickles. and I love that tulip Ott lite. so wonderful I can pull it and shine it on anything I need. It was a gloomy day when I took these pics. So I shined the light on the vinyl organizer and snapped some shots. 

Hidden behind the KNK Maxx and touchscreen is a three tier blade holder. I was always struggling with where to have multiples blades easy at hand to grab because I cut every day and am constantly switching out. I found this little tray at Walmart in December after Christmas. It fits perfectly and holds those blades perfectly. I am uber happy with this.

And those green paint tape stickers on my machine.. say "top of MTC" or "Side of KNK" it is my reference point. I get so upset when I think it is gonna go the other direction and the machine ruins a nice sheet of paper because of my confusion. :-)

Do you have any interesting organizing tips for next to your machines? Something that works perfect for you? Something out of the ordinary you repurposed? Would love to see or hear about it. ... Now on to the next corner... this could be an all year long adventure cleaning out this craft room.


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