Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Earthworm class

So I had an awesome partner in my gardening class on Monday. It was all about Earthworms. So much fun. My son came prepared with his books and sketch pad to keep busy.

But the earthworms grabbed his attention. The lady directing the class with the Tucson Community Food Bank was happy to see my son jump in and make his own earthworm bin. I didn't think he was paying much attention, but on the way home we talked all about their environment. How to keep them cool in our hot summers. How to feed them and more. Well they like dark places and need to be kept cool. Already our sun is back to pounding the earth with warmth. It was 20 at the beginning of last week. Today it is in the upper 70's. Our 4 days of winter have passed and those Arizonites are much happier it has passed, I believe. 

So this picture below was all fuzzy and wouldn't focus so I realized there was a finger print on the phone lense. yes I am shopping for a new camera. Looking at the sony cybershot. It needs to be quick to take, fit in my pocket and take smashing photos. So this one below is not smashing. Well why is he kneeling down by the side of the RV with our worm bins... 

Until we get some straw to insulate them and put a cover over it. The quickest place I could come up with for dark, no kittens digging, staying cool. Was under the RV and they fit perfectly. And it doesn't get driven often. My son kinda gave me the "ahh. okay" and then he got all smiley and happy that his worms would be cool. His is the green bin. Mine is the gray. Here we go on our quest for gardening this year. 


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