Monday, January 14, 2013

Kitten moment

Good Morning! Sharing a kitten moment. And trying to catch up from the weekend.

So yeah. I am working away in the craft room trying to work on this file and up pops this little head to watch what I am doing. I think watching the clicking on the mousing on the screen was just to fun. I then put him down because he decided to start batting my hand to keep doing it. ha!

Then I started reading a document and I was pretty into it. So reading and kept putting the kitten down. Because he was intent on what I was doing and kept coming back and back.  and then I realized when I was finished. I had stop putting the kitten down and was holding him as he slept. hah. I got suckered apparently. 

It has been freezing here so I hope it warms up soon. We are on lockdown at night with all the animals to try and keep them warm. Yes it is not as cold as the rest of the country, but we are used to 110 not 14. So the animals have a different temperature index. Hope you are warm!


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