Friday, January 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Card for boys & freebie

I am surrounded by my guys and although they appreciate my craftiness ... a pink Vday card is just so not "guy".

So here is my Card a Day post.  I cut this file on my KNKmaxx and then backed it with paper and a complimentary paper for the I heart U. And then I lifted the few hearts that were cut to lift. Giving them a raised look.

If you would like this card, You can purchase the file HERE. 
The file is available in AI, GSD, KNK, WPC, SVG, DXF, MTC
But waittttttt....

If you would rather purchase a better deal the QMC is available for this weekend only for $9.00 for the month of Jan - Feb - March 20 files for $9.00 and this card above is the first file offered and posted. 
Also current QMC members have access to the "perks" section which are downloads from my blog that have expired. Currently over 35 files to add to the 20 new files for $9.00.

I thank those QMC members who put their faith in me and 
come back quarter after quarter. I appreciate it greatly as you help 
me to support my family.

If you would like this card, You can purchase the file HERE. 

Now on to our Friday Freebie!

I hope you will download this file and jump on the sketch challenge in the forum. 
Let's start now and get an entire scrapbook completed this year. 
Ileana's Sketch Challenges will help you with this. 
And I will try to post freebies that will help as well. 

This file comes in

Things I need to say about freebies. 
This file can be downloaded HERE. 

When you enter the password it says I agree TOU. it means that you agree to my terms of use that this is a personal use. In order for me to keep creating freebies. Please send folks here to my blog. Another good place to find me is on my facebook page for quick updates. 

Answers to Questions..
Folks ask my why am I loading to the forum and why the password. Well my other option is a site perhaps like 4shared etc. So you would follow the same steps only instead you go to the forum on the VDBC site and download. I am trying to centralize my work and time on the net so I can create create create. (I am having success with this goal as I have been creating like crazy.) So once you have registered at the forum you can continue to download the freebies by using the passwords. They change once a month rather then every time. So sometimes the forum may not even ask you for a password if you already entered it that month. :-) And that is the blah blah blah of today's post.


Tina Campbell said...

Cool card!

Chris Durnan said...

Thank you TINA! It was quick and easy to make. And I think my guys will like it. :-)

Ileana said...

Very cool files, Chris!