Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goal 3 .. get fit

Every year I look at the "lose weight" goals and try for a week.

This time I am going with get fit.
Get fit being I can walk a mile, chase after my son and make him giggle, shoot some hoops with my son, ride horseback with my hubby, go on a cruise and see the sites, also boogy all night long with my hubby 2 steppin on the dance floor.

So today was my first Aqua fit class. Usually I go to the gym, walk the treadmill and work through the machines that my hubby has shown me. which is mostly arms. and then I am done. Today I went and hit the Aqua Fit class to make a step into the classes. They have yoga also which I want to do, but this week aqua fit. Some really nice ladies. I started moving ehh. not so bad. I can do this. I am going. I go to look at the clock. ahhh. what? Hasn't it been a half an hour? only 15 minutes. Wew. So then I put myself into it. I have never felt my muscles shake in the pool with these awkward yellow water wing dumb bell lookin things. So woohoo. Happy I did it and took the time. 9 out of 10 if one of my guys have something to do I will stand back and say let's do yours. But I gotta get in the rhythm of doing for me to for "get fit" reasons. And to keep up with the guys.

So off we go to goal 3. And yes I am posting these I take them on. We shall see where these fit in the many months ahead. :-)

As for now... I am working away on some files for the QMC, Derby cars and a really cute tile order.

Have a wonderful day!

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