Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mom Pride: Karate

Last night went to Karate with D. He was so excited he was vibrating.  They were on a 2 week break. Talked to the Sensei and he is being bumped a class "because of his focus" and adding sparring... now he was vibrating and jabbering all the way home. His excitement makes me laugh I just love it. He got home and Greg asked .. what did you do? .. his response... "nothing. I don't remember". haha. what is that nothing word? a 35 minute drive home and he can't remember. Thank goodness we get emails from the teacher every day with what he did or I would wonder what they did at school every day.

This photo is of Dr. D and his buddy when they earned their new belts and jumped a bunch of belts in between. My  friend Julie and I were freaking out when they didn’t get the next belt because we know how they both are soo into it. We were remaining calm. So calm. But finally after they made it through three sets of belts and we realized that they had jumped all those belts in the middle. We were pretty proud of them. But what a way to add the drama and anticipation. Wew. We could see our boys with their heads dropped thinking they hadn’t passed their testing. And then they were beaming! Yeahooodie.

I couldn’t be more proud of our son. This is “his” thing. I drive him back and forth. It is something I step back and fully let  him decide where he wants to be in it. I provide the ride and the $ for the class. He practices regularly without my prompting and asks if we are going on the weeks we have off. I love it and his “focus” on it.

Well that is my mom Pride post today.  Filled with a lot of “nothing” haha. What is it with that word.

I just love my life. It is “everything”.  


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