Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dive Right In card...

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But today's Card A Day I chose to highlight SongbirdVB card from our gallery. It uses one of my files. I and I just love the style of the card and the angles. It makes the card unique and interesting. Thank you Songbird for show casing the file in such a unique way.

Thank you SongbirdVB for posting this in the gallery. love it!!!

Makes a great kid card and adult card I think!!! It just looks like fun.

Today the newest Grab Bag has come out... Ileana, Lori and I "Smushed" it together with tons of cuts to add to many projects. this will be a very short sell Grab Bag as we are prepping for next months anniversary party. So jump on it quick and grab it!! It's only $7.00 and full full. Conversation Bubbles, Page Pockets Icons, Buckles, Frames, Awards, Corners, Fancy borders, Wow. Fun Cuts!

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Tina Campbell said...

This is just a fun summer card for a birthday!