Monday, September 10, 2012

Family: Nanas and Cousins

Hello Monday!! Busy Busy here.
Here is a family post for my "journaling blog".

My Mom retired from a long career recently. It was a retirement that maybe she didn't feel ready for her, but me being the optimist. I am excited for her. I am excited to see her take a few moments every day to breathe and do as she wishes. My Mom used to sew wedding dresses, taught me how to sew my first apron, loves to decorate, loves to cook with her grandkids,  loves the ocean, loves to do many many things. She used to can vegetables with my grandmother in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin we had this crazy huge garden, I can remember working in it alot and pulling weeds. Here my mom has a beautiful garden in the middle of the desert with beds and flying ornamental flamingos spinning their wings. It is wonderful. So I am excited that she can enjoy all of these things and live life in a different way, but hopefully very fulfilling for her. Congrats to my Mom!

We went to dinner and this was pretty close to her birthday. So here is my kiddo with a Seahorse we got for her. (It took everything in me not to glitter it, paint it, glue it, vinyl it.) But I knew at my Mom's house it would fit in perfect with her love of the ocean.

And here is my gorgeous niece "Pea". I love her personality as it comes out. My son loves to spend time with her and play and be silly. He is always asking when when when will he see his cousin. Good times with family and a wonderful evening!

Love the smirk on that kid of mines face. And can I say my niece reminds me so much of my sister at that age. Love it.

Enjoy! Chris

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