Monday, September 24, 2012

family: The weekend...

This past week was one that left me worn out and needing rejuvenation. And of course my first turn to was my wonderful husband. My rock. We hit the road for a horse adventure. Where by day my husband would ride and ride and by day my son and I would enjoy the pool and the comforts of a hotel away from all of life's duties for just a few days! Well it worked. I am feeling clear headed and ready to take on the world again.

First this weekend was going to be a split adventure where I followed up behind my hubby later for the weekend, but we decided to just haul it all up together after talking to my kiddo. For some reason, he loves the hotels. It might be the Pool! the Cable Tv! and probably the "no cleaning room" relaxation of it all. 

We got to our destination and dropped our "Rosie" off and went in search of food. It was a rush to get out the door at home and so food we found. A pizza joint. For me pizza places are slimming pickings.I perused the salad menu and looked up and it said GFREE crust. WOW! Really? hmmmmm... so I ordered one and had the first cheese pizza I haven't made myself in a long time. I took the risk and didn't get sick the next day. Nice risk. Here is my hubby as we wait for our pizzas. I'll get the name of the place and add it later. 
But here is the hubby. love this man! more and more every day. 

Then we hit the hotel and slept like rocks til the next a.m. 
Off to the barn we went. (Really my hubby got up hours before us to run and feed Ms. Rosie and then came back and got us when our eyelids were better functioning.) I forgot my camera so I couldn't zoom in on the moment here between my son and hubby. But watching the two of them do things.. like backing up the truck to hook up the trailer, getting out the hay to feed, looking over the horse. This just makes me smile. It is simple. It is just the two of them depending on eachother a little to help eachother out. It appeals to me. 

This is Rosie getting her grooming and ready to go for the day. 
She did really well overall. I think she wonders at time why I get to go in the house 
with my hubby and she doesn't. I swear she is in love with him. Luckily 4 legs, 1200 lbs
 and that whole Horse Apple thing don't cut it for the house. 

So while Dad was working horses, cows and having adventures. 
We got to hang in the truck and at the hotel. (Yes I got our truck back. woohooo!!)
My son is here kicking back as we watched Dad for a bit. 
My son almost beat me twice in chess. It was killer. He is getting really good. 
He just looks right at home doesn't he.Love those dimples!

This unexpected beauty caught my attention.I should look this flower up. It was growing all over the grounds at the hotel and there were hummingbirds and butterflies all over and around it. The other thing at the hotel was crickets. OH MY! They were everywhere. just yick. I try to keep rid of crickets at home as they attract scorpions. These things were everywhere. Luckily only one in our room. But in the stairwell down there must  have been about 20 dead ones.

I caught this photo coming home. My son was so glad to get back and see his dog and the house. He rolled down the window on the dirt road and just watched the scenery go by. Just thought it was neat to catch. 

Well that is my weekend adventures. I hope you had some to. 
All I can say is when you need a moment to breathe. Sometimes the best thing in the world is just to have someone hold your hand. Thank you to my hubby. Love my life.


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Lori m said...

Oh Chris, what a lovely family you have, the photos are fantastic and your son is growing up to be such a handsome young man.

The look on Rosie's face, " Priceless"!

Hugs, Lori m