Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hate it When....

First.. this is the last day to purchase Catherine's Monogram at $3.99. you can do so HERE. Then at work end today it goes up to the retail price. You can see more photos of it by scrolling down to my older posts.

Now to our posted for today Post..... :-) 
Hope you don't like spiders.... Yikes.
 well at least Black Widows. 

I hate it when you see a spider in your studio and think yes I can squish that. It's a baby black widow. And so you put down your foot in the web and you ::gulp:::. How little was that spider? I am wearing my Merrells which I love but they are a cross hiking shoe and so have deeper divets on the bottom. Oh man. So now I am hopping around in my studio with one foot twisted up so I can see the bottom of my shoe. I am sure making a face that would have scared any living creature away. Bouncing up and down. You know when I was younger I used to be able to at a stand lift one leg and put my foot over my neck. The good ol days when some would call me pretzel. That flexibility would have come in handy at this point when I need to see the bottom of the shoe as I bounce like a pogo stick. Ahh.. yes okay i see it.. oh man half dead half moving between the grooves. I throw my leg down .and run out of the studio. And grind my foot on the rocks. Now i slide the shoe off and hold it at arms length and look. Its gone, but of course I look back at the studio and think. Man I hope that half alive part doesnt have the black widow bite part and I hope its not on the floor.of my studio. Hmmmm... Maybe I'll clean the house today.

Here is a file for you!!! is justly so ... A pretzel... Enjoy! -Chris
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