Friday, May 21, 2010

Yeah!! It is the weekend.

I must tell you it is Friday afternoon. I have just found a bag of M&M's hidden in the back of the junk food drawer and I am in heaven. I definitely needed the Chocolate. So now I am working on all kinds of different files for the QMC. I have upload a bunch of the previews and yeah! I love to create and haven't done enough of it lately. So next week should be a super busy week for those in the QMC downloading and downloading.

As for us. Our weekend plans are not heavy on commitment, but definitely on a lot of to-do's. It is warming up quickly. I get up at about 6 and think why can't I get up at about 5. It is so beautiful outside and I can enjoy the weather and accomplishing things without the heat of the day. Well... who knows .. maybe this weekend will be the charmer. I am gonna shoot for it as I am working on cleaning up our little RV and throwing it on the market for sale. I love it. However, it doesn't fit our needs right now. so that is one project for sure. It is so easy to drive and smaller size so easy to maintain.

If you walked into my house right now you would see painting will soon be under way. Next week is the last week of school for my kiddo and he has agreed to help me paint the kitchen. So we need to take the cabinet doors off and take them out. Sand them a little and paint them. Might change the hinge hardware. We shall see. For now tho' Cabinets have test paint on them and I am undecided as to the final choice.

Also, some easy plans to see some friends. ahh wonderful. Lookin' forward to it.

Well I am gonna run so I don't lose my chocolate high and my creative burst. I hope you are doing well and keeping happy! Don't forget to stop by the forum and see what we have going on. Bingo, Challenges & Swaps. busy busy group over there.

Have a wonderful day and Superb weekend!

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