Monday, May 10, 2010

My Aha Moment

So my weekend was filled with adventures! And the first one started on Wednesday with an email from the ad company for Mutual of Omaha. You know the ones that are doing the Aha Moment Tour. They had read  my blog and were going to be in Tucson and wanted me to come on down and share my "aha moment". I was slightly nervous, but really I think this is way cool. It will probably end up on the website and not be in the national limelight of a national spot, but hey I couldn't ever compete with that little green lizard dude that is on everything. I was asked because I post to this blog and it must have made an impression somewhere.  Very Cool!

The Aha-Moment as describe on their website is... a moment of clarity, the aha moment is a defining moment where you gain real wisdom - wisdom you can use to change your life.
So I didn't tell many about this because I didn't want to freak out with nerves, but with the support of my loving and wonderful hubby I made plans to be back in town in time to do it. Apparently they posted an ad in the paper as well during the weekend. I got the impression there wasn't alot of response. I wouldn't have ever had the opportunity to do it if they hadn't emailed it. I called my hubby when I got the email and read it to him and asked.. Do you think this is spam? He laughed and told me to setup a time to do with them. So here I am on the outside of the Airstream. (Another first for me because I have never been in an airstream. much less an airstream that is a full studio with recording and sound equipment. )

This is afterword with my kiddo. And of course the picture below is our "crazy" picture. The other day my son told me that our pictures were boring with just smiles. So I told him we could fix that if he could smile for me first in a good picture. So he did. (Wow he is getting tall as I look at this picture).
So yes I may look like a dork below, but if I can get one good picture then life is good. (I will eat those words)

OKAY yes. I am eating those words as he couldn't shake the "crazy photo" look. haha.

And here is the whole airstream.

So many have asked me what my AHA moment was. I think I will wait for my email from them with the clip. THen I can post it. To tell you would just be anticlimatic.

Things I learned from thinking about what an aha-moment could be. I realized my life is made up of them.  Times when I just paused and had to think AHHHH I get it now. They have directed me in many directions, but I think alot of lifes AHA's became very clear to me when I met my hubby. I started really paying attention to my decisions and how they would affect me instead of just living in the here and right now. Or instead of just doing something because I am supposed to.  I am truly blessed with my life and every day is something to cherish. No matter the trials on some days. I still have to get through today to get to tomorrow. Who knows what will tomorrow will bring. I am sure it will be fantastic.

Was I what they wanted after I was done? After they read  my blog and contacted me.. Well I don't know, but I sure was hyped and jazzed afterwards. And they asked me questions kind of in an interview style. And I kept trying to not look at the camera and just at the lady who stood under the camera. The lights were glaring and my right eye seemed to weep a little. Might have been the lights. or it might have been because I had a big cheesy grin going. All I know is Kait was super nice, Dave was very easy to talk to as the "man in the booth recording" and the other two guys which I didn't meet were quick to smile and help us take our "crazy pictures" Thank you to them for being such a great group of easy going people.  I was their last one because I requested the last time spot. I think they were done and ready to get on the road.

So when it is up I will post it for you to see!
Until then... Well if you're reading this I would be interested in your "aha- moment"
I have found this very interesting to think about.

So I asked my hubby what kinda of aha moment he had as I was pondering what to say on our drives (because really I wasn't sure what the heck I would do, but didn't want it to be to rehearsed and from my heart) His made me choke up... He said hiswas when he realized he wanted to be with me. I would have to agree with him because it definitely changed our lives together and we have gained alot of wisdom together.


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