Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Deep Fried What? .. fun at the Fair

so we went to the Fair in one of our many days with some friends. We had tons of fun Aunt Heidi wasn't there so I felt obligated to stand in with pictures. Definitely not as awesome as her pics, but was a ton of fun.

The rides that were the hit seemed to be the big tall slides. This was the shorter of the two. After this one my hubby said the kiddo would have to make it up on his own for the next one. It was very windy and he could feel the slide shimmying in the wind. Watch the sky in the pics and you will see how the sky changes, by the end of the night it was raining and we were freezing and headed home, but it wasn't 110 and was still a ton of fun! Here are somore more ride pics.

My hubby professed this one as DUMB with only two skeletons what a waste
This one below I am not quite sure how manly the purple mouse is on the roller coaster, but my son professed this as one of the "BEST" rides

And this was the younger brother. He was very intent on the fresh lemonade. And very good it grabbing it. Cutey. He is one of the HAPPIEST babies I have ever seen in my life. Probably cause his parents are so fun. He just couldn't help it. haha.
And this was the double the size of the first slide ride that the boys ran up and road down on their own.

Lots of giggles and smiles.
So then it was food time.

What is it you ask? Well my hubby disappeared in looks for something sweet and he came back with the deep fried cookie dough. This however is a deep fried moon pie. this is all that was eaten and when I looked at it I wanted to gag. and yes that is powdered sugar because why not add sugar to ...
So what did this do?? Well the pics tell the story... Our sons were now like little bouncy balls.

They are really good kids so it wasn't so crazy... but...
Haha I found it quite amusing that I could see the change in the kids in the pictures after food and sugar.

I have more pictures of elephant rides, rock wall climbing etc etc  that I will post tomorrow.
For now I am back to working on some files.


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