Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The weekend Miles of Adventures...

We started out our weekend "miles of adventures" on Thursday night. We headed to Phoenix to see my brother, sister in law and nephew. We had a wonderful time sitting around the fire and relaxing. My brother has this really cool fire pit he made. I like it because it burns propane. So I didn't smell like smoke when we were done. Very nice conversation and time well spent.

Then Friday a.m. we headed to Flagstaff in order to see my cousin graduate from NAU. We went to the ceremony and then celebrated with eats in the hotel room and then on to the restaurant for dinner. The ceremony was very nice. Towards the end my son was done done past done, but once he got back to the hotel and hit the pool for a break and jokeed with everyone he was good.

Then we packed her up and headed back home on Saturday in time for me to do my AHA Moment. So after the AHA Moment we came home and vedged. Then we got up Sunday for Mother's Day. Mother's day at my In-Laws. My Mom was on a plane to the beach. She loves the beach so I am glad she got to go.  But we hit the concrete beach around the pool for the morning and then for my Mother's Day gift.... We went to a local nursery and bought flowers and planted them all around the patio. It looks beautiful. I am short a few, but I'll take some pictures to post later in the week. It was fantastic to spend time with my two guys. I really couldn't be the Mom I am without my husband. He supports me at every turn. He knows just the time when I need some "quiet time" of my own. He understands when I just have a mental break down for one hormonal reason or another. He helps with everything and I'd like to think I help him with everything I can to. He knows when to saddle my horse for me and when to let me do it. Also, he giggles with me at my totally corny dumb jokes and oohs and ahhs over paper creations I have made. So without him, I would be an entirely different Mom. So when it comes down to Mother's Day I love to spend the time with them and just cherish one more happy memory of planting flowers and buying the biggest tomato plant I have ever seen. hahah. More pictures later in the week, but for now Here are the graduation ones. they are Cousins, Aunt and my Guys and just family. Love my life.


so yeah my camera was no good for the long distance shots so I just put it away.

my kiddo was getting burnt out by the end, but he did well all things considering.
My tall cousins. Well I am the shortest of all the cousins. but first born so that has to count for something

My cousin the graduate and my kiddo. yes when we hit hotels for big celebrations. We just decorate and throw a party. haha. always fun.

My cousin and her Mom. (My Aunt)

My hubby and I. He went shopping for me before the trip because I was at a loss of what to wear. he came home with about three outfits all a size smaller then I would have bought and they fit. HE Rockes. Take me to Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo Convention Centers to shop for three days. no problem. Put me in the mall here and I slowly start to hyperventilate and pace in place by doing this weird rocking thing. hahaha. So yeah. My hubby is awesome. He knows me well.
And my Sister on the left (with baby bump) My Cousin and me... Not sure what's up with my windblown crazy look, but some pay for good windblown tussel like. I jsut have that need a brush naturally look in this pic. haha.

Well hope you Enjoyed the pics! -Chris
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