Friday, May 14, 2010

Boots are good for most anything

In our house boots can be worn with just about anything. Especially when you
promise Mom you will clean the trash out of the truck if she buys you a new
movie. When we got home my kiddo thought he could come up with some extra
negotiating power. AHHH. Not so. The deal was made and that was one movie of
the Warner Brother's Looney Tunes (Old school cartoons they are awesome!)
for one cleaned out truck. So this was the trash bag after a very dramatic
child said it was "unbelieveable" how much junk there was. I am pretty sure
I will have to go through the book to make sure there are no library books,
water thermos etc. But for now the truck is cleaned out for the weekend and
the little boy is watching Elmer fudd and Bugs Bunny go at it.

So this week feels like it has been just jam packed. I am looking for a
trainer for my bike to sit on so I can pedal away. My hubby mentioned just
welding some metal together to make the stand. So that might be the route we
go. We shall see.

Well It's almost the weekend. Tomorrow is the GRAB BAG Reveal for May. I
can't imagine how anyone who goes, camping, hits the beach, or visits the
park would be unhappy with this one. It is just jammed full. Run on over to
the store tomorrow and see all the files revealed. And check our newsletter
for finished products.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend!! We have plans to do lots of horse
things! Woohoo!


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