Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a Morning!!

So I took the kiddo to school today. First, we had to wear the winter Clothes grandpa sent him for our upcoming visit in March. So he has on a new jacket and a new fuzzy winter hat. I tell him… You might want to just wear the jacket with the hood. The hat would be good for below 30 degrees with a windchill factor. It has ear flaps, a small pocket on the side of it even, lining… it is serious winter paraphenellia so he LOVES it (this is the boy who wants to beam our entire property to a colder place to live. He wants everything like it, but somewhere there is snow), but he says … “well It’s cold and I don’t want to get an ear infection”. Okay Yes. As a mother I cannot argue with this. Also as a mother I have learned to pick my battles.. So we are off fuzzy and oh so cute and adorable hat and all. Normally Dad takes the kiddo in, but alas today is Mom’s turn. Mom is a slow starter in the morning and can be a bit grumbly, but I try not to be. I know I am, but try not to be so when we walk out and the kiddo says… “let’s take the dually. We should take the dually. How about the dually mom?” Well the dually doesn’t fit with the other Mom’s in the parking lot who like to see how close they can get to the edge of the truck without crinkling a fender. And it also didn’t have the carseat. And we were already a bit late. And it was muddy. I don’t want the mud ground into the carpet into our new dually. So with many grumpy reasons I just say “let’s take the gray” which is our ‘94 f250.

But of course when we got there I realized the truck was super hard to turn and that I must have a flat or going flat tire. Sure enough. Going flat. So I see a friend of mine and tell her to listen for her phone I may be calling her if I don’t make it to the corner store. (The only corner store for miles, but about ½ mile from the school) So I walk the kiddo in and tell him I can’t stay to wait for bell because I want to get the truck to the air pump before it totally deflates. The last last thing I want to do this morning is change a tire. And it is damp and cold so I would consider calling triple A because the tires on the truck are so big I can barely move them sometimes. So I am bent down on my “haunches” for lack of a better word. My son grabs my face with both hands and squeezes them and says “ Don’t pop the tire. You’ll ruin the rim” And he walks to take his backpack to the hook at school. Happy with his mechanic advice. I am in a moment of pause because I am sure he has learned this from me because … well when you have a track record of 9 holes in one tire and they know your name at the tire store by sight. And have already pulled up your record by the time you walk in the store. Well let’s just say I have some tire wisdom and expertise to impart. So I say okay. I get another “leg-hug” and a I LOVE YOU MOM!! As he runs to the playground.

I take off at a near gallop to the truck and there is my wonderful friend. She smiles and says. I’ll wait for you. Seriously, could I be blessed with more wonderful people in my life. So she follows me down. I get out of the truck and my arms are just shaking from holding it straight on the road. Yes there was still air in it. So we pull up. Put Air in. She is on her way to starbucks. I thank her. And then I go to start the truck. Put it in drive and it dies. I go to start it… takes a few tries, but it does and then it dies. She gets out. Comes over and says whats up. I tell her. She and I look under the hood to make sure the belt isn’t gone and the engine still looks similar to when I saw it last. You know.. Slightly dirty with a dash of mud. Yeah. It’s still dirty. And of course I am on my toes because I can’t see in it unless I use the extra length of my genetically stubby toes. I call my hubby and I am just frazzled. I don’t normally get to frazzled but I am thinking about all the work I have to do. Everything I have to get accomplished sitting at home. The time this is going to wipe from my day so after a few tinkers we end up calling AAA. My friend is on her way because my hubby has come to my rescue because he could tell I was frazzled. He hangs out with me while they pick it up. And are on their way. We come back home and get the dually and I drive it back to school to pick up the kiddo because it is the end of the day already for him. I tell the little one how the day went and his comment “ wow… well I told you we should have taken the dually” Why yes, yes he did. Although it is hard to listen to a little boy in a fuzzy hat sometimes. Maybe next time I will take his expertise a little more under advisement. Haha. Love my rescuer/hubby, love my friend, love my kiddo who is always right… Love my life.






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