Sunday, February 21, 2010

A boy & his dog.. a rope & a ball ..

Well my kiddo spends a lot of time outside and playing with his border collie. This is their latest adventures. Our horses have a horse ball that horses can play with. Our horses have no interest, but they are hard plastic and thick so they are perfect for the dogs to chase and beat up. Cost less the normal dog toys and last even longer. Really Fantastic to have. Well my son attached a rope to the ball in hopes of seeing what she would do. Well Freckles the border collie loved it. Spent a lot of time dragging it around and having it chase her as she ran faster and faster to get away. So next enters a new idea… My son tied the ball to an old cart I had for the back of a bike. As you can see from the pictures.. He couldn’t stop giggling and yelling her on. A few times she got it going with him in it and he kept yelling YAH YAH like a true wagon driver with a full team of horses. I couldn’t get pictures of that as I was giggling to to much as I was watching.  I came home a few days later from dropping the kiddo off after school and I saw the cart running around our circle drive without it’s driver but with it’s dog team of one in full delight as she dragged this cart behind her and her ball in her mouth. She was having a blast. I did tell my son he had to take the ball off the cart when he wasn’t around so she wouldn’t drag it somewhere it shouldn’t be. So she now just brings you the ball and rope at a full run when you come home from anywhere. I drove over it the other day and it folded in half but didn’t pop. It isn’t filled with air, but the plastic is thick enough to hold the rubber ball shape with a handle. So it didn’t pop. Which I was thankful for.. but in my review mirror I could see her stand their in curiousity. She stood and looked at it and dragged it slowly down the drive in her own fashion of a funeral procession for her loved rope and ball. Well the ball POPPED! As it reset itself back into the ball shape and she shot off the ground like the cat in tom & jerry. And then ran around fast as could be dragging the ball. She really adds some fun and giggles to our life. And most important a lot of giggles for my son! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the story.






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