Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to the week... a video & pictures

Hello to everyone!! hope you had a wonderful weekend! I know I did and I have lots of pictures. So it is gonna be a picture week. My first are pictures and two videos of my son making apple pies. He loves to demonstrate things and it just made me giggle.

First.. let me say today is Cyber Monday... I still have the QMC in the store for 9.00 with a bonus. I am ready to take it down, but will let it sit for Cyber Monday. Jump on in there.

Here are some pictures of my hubby and son as they made homemade apple pies to contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. My son loves to make these pies and takes his peeling part very seriously with his apple peeler. He does all the apples. They were delish. Below I will post the video links for his apple pie making demonstrations. My hubby started making these with gluten free flour. I am not sure many in the family notice :-) But then I can have some and don't have to worry about not feeling to well after the meal.
I look at this picture and think.. wow he is growing quick!

And here are the video links..
This is demonstration Part 1. How to peel the apples.
And this is demonstration Part 2. Mixing the flour.
Hope his demonstrator voice makes you giggle. He has well earned this voice from watching hours of "All about John deere" movies and having us sit through cooking demonstrations at the fair. Also, he is prone to say "wait, wait" when there is a cooking show on tv. I buy a new ornament each year to commemorate the year. One of the ornaments I bought this year is a chef santa and I am working on my words to put on the little tag... Something about...
One time you "made a recipe" filled with ketchup and yogurt. You smiled & pronounced we should try it. We offered the first bite to you. Which you then pronounced... " maybe sugar would be better with yogurt". 2009 The year of chef hats and "new recipes".
I will post a picture of my new ornaments for this year during Christmas break.
That's it for today. I will work through my pictures this week and don't forget to hit the QMC for Jan-Mar 2010 before it jumps back to full price.

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