Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a week... some Nascar pics

So last weekend we went to Nascar. It was a great time. We got to see my brother and his wife and kiddo also. Which made it even better. We were getting ready on Sunday to head to the race which we had seats and pit passes and our truck was acting weird. Not a good sign. So we took it back to my brothers and called him and he told us to take his truck and not miss the race. Long story short (yeah right this me typing here).... we went to the race, spent an extra night at my SIL house. (THANK YOU THANK YOU!) and my drove my brother's truck home to Tucson, while our truck was at the mechanics. Luckily for us my brother was out of town so the vehicle was there for us to use. (THANK YOU! Wew!) and My SIL has a long standing friendship with a very nice guy who happens to be a mechanic. So we were in good hands all the way around. We were happy to get home and the hubby went back up to Phoenix to pick up the truck later in the week. Ended up it was an easy fix and not alot of deep pockets were needed. (THANK YOU!!! Woohooo!). At Nascar we had tons of fun. So here are a few of the pictures.

This first picture is of the three of us. Luckily some lady walking by offered to take the picture or there probably wouldn't have been any of me there. This was at the end of the day and I had given up on having my hair down because it was hot. When I saw the folks walking around with their winter jackets on you could tell who was from Arizona and who was from parts unknown. As they were sweltering with their favorite drivers jacket on. And those jackets are reminiscent of the letterman jackets in high school made from leather and thick feltish material (feltish .. made up word I know). And then of course there were the other fashion statements which I probably shouldnt mention or I would be marked as an over 18 blog, but let me say in my people observing moments. I was like WOW> oh wow> OH MY> WHOA! hahaha. I sat in the stands for a while, but there was a lady a little over from me so heavily perfumed I couldn't breathe without wanting to hurl. I just didn't think those around us would appreciate this phenomenon. So I didn't actually see alot of the race, but the people watching was A+ material and seeing my hubby and son get all jazzed even better. We were far in on an aisle and I just felt like a crammed sardine.
This is "THE FLAG". I had premonitions of spending tons on trinkets and hats and tshirts. and it wasn't so! woohoo!! My hubby and I have long since decided we are good without the memorabilia written across our chest on a tshirt. However, we knew our son might want something. The only thing he wanted was a checkered flag. And let me tell you we have gotten our $7.00 worth. And also... I will never second guess my son again. With thoughts of money blown on things he will grow out of in a month or so He plainly said ALL he wanted was the checkered flag. So we are good. He spent lots of time running/racing around it.

Here are my two guys standing up to see with their headphones. They were listening to the drivers and so awesome to see them smile! Just awesome!

Although my hubby and I decided my son was probably just slightly young for this adventure. We still had a good time. We got to about 70 laps to the end and we were sitting on a picnic bench behind the stands and our son was waving his checkered flag while my hubby and I listened on the headphones. And my son came up to us with the peace sign (2 fingers in a V). This is sign language in our house for 2 minutes and we are done/going/bed etc. So we pull off our headsets and he says "2 minutes and we are going back to Aunt Becci and Uncle Dave's house" and he looks at my hubby shows him the 2 minute universal signal and says "2 minutes Dad". He was done. my hubby and I giggled. I said really? did we just get the two minute count down? US? the ones who created it? We did go so we could get back on the school buses shuttle out of the raceway area before the lines were so long.
Another first for my son... riding the school bus. He loved it and so now I have the form for riding the bus home in the afternoon from school on my counter. To delay it for a week or so because I think holidays are hectic I told him there was a 2 week waiting period and he probably wouldn't be able to ride it til after Thanksgiving. I just can't wait for the day when he says to me with his universal 2 finger peace sign... "2 weeks Mom.. there is a 2 week waiting period for.. blah blah blah" I know it's coming, but for now I get to see his happy smile right after he leaves class. Love it. Love my son. Love my Husband. Love my Life.

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