Monday, November 23, 2009

a little behind... Halloween pics.

So I downloaded a bunch of pictures and came across these which I don't think I posted. I apologize if I did. This is my army kid for Halloween. He wasn't in top shape, but wanted to try. We made it to two house and went home. He still hasn't finished the candy. But he loves the costume! He loves to put on those army outfits, knights, clone troopers. He has a great imagination.

And this is my hubby's first 5k. Our friend Ed on the right won the race and the prize. Which he was happy with. My son and I played on the playground in the background and waited for them to run it. It was a very windy and cold day. but we are so proud of our "Daddy" .. my hubby...

Here he is crossing the finish line with my army kiddo waiting. Since it was on Halloween he wore the costume to the run the morning of Halloween. We'll get lots of use out of the costume I am sure.

A little behind on those pics, but at least they are here in my journal.
Have a wonderful day!!!

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