Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Anniversary... mush alert...

Mush Alert.. Stand back if you are not ready this early in the morning for some mushy gushy pronouncements....

Today is my Anniversary... I married my love in 2001 on today. It was a wonderful day! The sun shone brightly. Everything was right with the world. I know many who have been with me have read the story about how we met, our first "I love you". all of the above. But with every day my love grows. I am actually gonna keep this short as we have plans for dinner and I want to have time to get it together to enjoy them. So to the love of my life.. If you happen to read this... I love you! With all my heart. A little bit more with every second of every day!


PS for those who haven't read the stories in the past... Here is my post from 2008...

And today is my Anniversary. I have been married to my fabulous husband for 7 years today. We did the unimaginable and stayed together the night before our wedding because we already lived together. And my favorite memory is my husband woke me up at 4 a.m. and said... JUST THINK IN 12 hours from now you will be Mrs. Durnan. you will be my wife. What a memory to cherish every year since when I woke up. My husband gave me a poem this morning that he wrote. It couldn't be a better gift. I love it. Things have been tough as of late, but he is always the person I can turn to. The one I can count on for a hug and a smile. Oh and he has dreamy eyes. hmmm. wonderful! And the man can dance and loves to dance with me. If I get a chance later I will post some of those wedding pictures. My husbands fear during the wedding... That I would ask him if he was drunk at the alter. Because we would have ended up in a fit of the giggles. The first time he said "I love you" to me, we were at a rodeo and heading for the dance, I looked at him and said "are you drunk?" and mentally I was kicking myself over and over. DUMB DUMB DUMB Chris! What stop saying that. Insert your foot into your mouth before you say one more word!! My internal dialogue was brutal. And he waited another 3 months to say it again. And it was the longest three months, but now it has been the best and the most wonderful 7 years.

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