Thursday, November 5, 2009

hmm.... HINEE

So some emailed and asked .. Do you have the H1N1? So i got to start to worry and went to the cdc and here is my checklist from their site with my checks. Okay so after I reviewed the list... i thought WOW. How many times have I had H1N1? hmmm... Seriously these symptoms are so similar to how I have felt every time I have gotten sick. And I could put a check next to the bottom item if I have eaten something with wheat in it at the time of being sick. So yeah. I don't know. We are probably just sick. We just happen to be sick together which makes it harder and my lovely wonderful hubby is stopping at the store to bring home foods. And right now I am kinda hungry. Craving something yummy to munch on... He is the best. Love him dearly. I have to say I prefer my SIL the nurses name for H1N1. She calls it the HINEE (pronounced High-Knee). I thought yeah.. why isn't it the HINEE at least it would help with a giggle. Can you imagine the newscasters saying HINEE every two seconds? hahaha. Well anyways as for me I am back to the couch. Enjoy!

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