Monday, March 23, 2009

Wrapping up the adventures of the Bunny Rabbit

So many have asked... what happened to the bunny. Well let me complete my story. We decided to put the bunny in a box with some fresh Alfalfa and hay and it nibbled away. So we went to bed. I left the bunny in a box on the dining room table. All safe and sound. My son was so excited to show his cousins the bunny and then I told him we would be having a "release party". All was good. Until about 4:30 a.m. when my hubby comes in and says. CHRIS.... CHRIS... Chris.. I rolled over and looked down the hallway. The light is shining from behind him so I can't see his face. My eyes are sleepy. I am in this daze totally and I hear.... in a very loud whisper... THE BUNNY IS GONE. I literally wanted to close my eyes and go back to sleep. But a bunny running in the house. Oh man. Let's look. So my hubby and I looked everywhere with flashlights for about an hour and half and then gave up. I went back to bed. And we waited for my son to wake up. Then we gave him a flashlight to look under the couches and no bunny. My hubby left for work. and literally I felt like I was in an episode of Without a Trace. the bunny was in a box on the kitchen table. Crawled out through a small circle hand in the box that was at the top. Then jumped off the kitchen table. Or the kitchen table would have had a bunny sitting on it when we got up. So just mentally I kept seeing the bunny sitting on the table and fading. I need a wipe board with a timeline on it. Went to bed at 11:30 Bunny was there and then gone. So all day I looked for the stinking thing every nook and cranny. My relatives came. My son played with his cousin. They went home. I kept looking. Where could it be. It was the size of an orange. where where. My hubby and I were sitting on the couch at about 10:30 that night and we heard it. So now we are sitting and listening intently. And we found it. Wew. So my son hearing the audible silence of the house with all the lights on comes out and we have our much delayed release party and out it goes into the night. What a story that bunny has to tell all it's bunny friends. And I must say I have 4 dogs in the house at night. Two sleep in the laundry room and two are passed out in the house. Not one of them heard the bunny jump off the table and run around and hide. Time to re-evaluate the employed status of our four legged friends. hahaha. I think they have gone into retirement for sure! Well that is the rest of the bunny story!

Here are a few of the Dance files that are coming to the store. A few of them will be in this coming quarter's QMC. I just haven't had a chance to decide which yet. I am not finished with the line. So when that happens I can review for what might be the most used and post it. Always check the store descriptions I am putting QMC File QUARTER 2009 in the descriptions starting with last quarter. :-) So always keep an eye out for that. Have a wonderful day!
Have anymore titles. let me know.

Chris Durnan, designer
GSD KNK WPC AI SCUT files for your personal digital cutters for use with scrapbooking, cardmaking and other hobbies. Whatever your creative mind can come up with!

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