Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The last day to download for the Jan-Mar QMC & my Sketch/Swap Pics

Here is my March Sketch Challenge cards and my swap Cards (Yes, I did Seven. I just couldn't fit them all in the picture nicely. So thank you to Rosalie for hosting such awesome Sketch Challenges in the forum (I can't wait for April) and thank you to Sarah for hosting the swap!!! Woohooo!!

I am always looking for cards I could put a male twist on. And even tho' these have flowers I thought they were subdued enough for a Man's birthday as well. I didn't put any sentiment on them so they could be used for anything. I hope everyone in the swap likes them!
And next...
Today is the last day for the QMC
download for Jan-Mar 2009.
So please get in there and download them as quick as you can because I will be closing the membership area down tonight.
Here is the direct link to the forum
Or you should already have the QMC download information for 4shared.

Let anyone know! Today is the day!!
Thank you!

You should have 29 files. And here is the list.
1. Tree Thank You Card Front -- CD00430
2. Tree Ovals -- CD00432
3. Party Hats & Balloons Borders -- CD00434
4. Party Hardy -- CD00436
5. Joyful Noise -- CD00438
6. Musical Jumbles -- CD00437
7. Love and Strength Chinese Character Card Fronts -- CD00439
8. See You Later Alligator -- CD00441
9. Cooking Up the Love -- CD00444
10. Swirly Heart Card -- CD00443
11. Piano Recital & Lessons -- CD00447
12. Pajama Party -- CD00453
13. Silverware Jumble -- CD00457
14. Tidbits of Shapes 1 -- CD00467
15. Your Love Brings Me Peace -- CD00451
16. Chandeliers -- CD00474
17. Borders Made From Circles -- CD00476
18. Cupcakes and Muffins -- CD00472
19. Queen for a Day -- CD00477
20. If the Slipper Fits -- CD00480
21. St. Pat Card -- CD00484
22. May Your Blessings -- CD00482
23. Grandma's Doilies -- CD00490
24. Burgers & Fries -- CD00481
25. Grandma Curly Frame --
26. Packing the Cooler -- CD00493
27. Little Bit of Camping Luxury -- CD00491
28. Hearts Cupcake Wrapper -- CD00494
29. Friends and Family Brag Book Covers -- CD00445

Thank you to everyone who was a member!!

Chris Durnan
Join us at the forum http://visualdesignsbychris.com/forum/

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