Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BINGO... Challenge pics.. Bday Card... Lori.. Ty Murray.. yada yada.

Hello to all!! How are you doing? keeping busy? We sure are at the forum. And I sure am still sifting through all those challenge photos. Wonderful Wonderful.

At the forum. Karen is charging up for Spring Bingo!!!

Get in their and sign up quick as we give away prizes galore and even give the Biggest Bingo Loser a few prizes! Lots of fun.

I hope to get all these awesome pictures into a slideshow for tomorrow. So check back to see all the entries. Thanks everyone for participating. It truly is inspiring!!

Okay so here is something I made for my brother for his birthday that I thought I would share.

My first attempt at a card using a transparency. I used Staz-on Ink and attached some of the paper to the back. I don't think my brother was impressed with my crafty attempts, but I thought it was fun and different to try. Oh and I was itching to use the stickles So knowing he wouldn't be ooohing and ahhing over it. I through some on the bottom to play with it. Was fun!. I need to find thicker transparency paper to use.

And for those of you who read Lori's Blog every day!! I didn't realize I was stating something that would cause Lori a revelation. I thought it was more like. Okay Mrs. Obvious Whatever. hahaha. Love ya Lori.

And can I say I love Ty Murray on Dancing with the Stars. love it love it.



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