Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow. School Pics.

Wow times have changed. We got school pictures back yesterday. I am always so impressed by this companies pictures. I just look at them and think? These are school pictures. What? I can remember having to hold little signs with the number on it on our lap for our school pictures. Reminiscent of a Jail Picture with numbers across the bottom only a pretty blue background, your best Sunday outfit and your head itching from the tight curlers your Mom made you sleep in the night before. I have a feeling there was no numbers on my sons lap in this one. Well here is our pride and joy and his grin that makes my day.

And the story of the morning before pictures. So I am thinking about the infamous school picture smile and so I tell my Son. "Thinking about things that make you giggle and smile when they tak your picture because then your eyes will smile too." I told him "instead of saying Cheese.. You could say I Love My Mom. " And that should make you smile right? He started giggling... and giggling and I am looking in the rear view mirror and I say. WHAT?? He said "Mom your crazy. " I had to ponder this. And smile because if it makes him smile and giggle when he says I love My mom then they will be great pictures. Or wait... Was he giggling because he said "Mom Your Crazy" ahhh.. well I think we wil let it ride.. I love to hear his giggle and know later in life he will think I am crazy. Just as long as I can still see that winning smile. He and my hubby always make my day.



Still working on the QMC early bird files
for those who join right away.
So it isn't in the store yet, but it is a coming!!!

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