Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eating my Words ...

Well I am eating my words.. and do you want to see what it is???
Most of you have already guessed I am sure. Long ears. little button nose.
AND I KNOW! Many of you are giggling so hard and laughing at me...

But I must say I am throwing a flag. It's a technicality! This bunny was not caught in the box trap. My husband swooped it up to save it from one of our dogs grabbing it. It was right in front of my son and would have definitely been to much for him to see. So in a box on my kitchen table... my "garden nemesis" enjoys alfalfa hay freshly bought for the horses and a cozy box to sleep in for tonight. Because tomorrow the cousins are coming out to see my bambino and that will be release time. A wild bunny should stay wild. (I do have some heart. I feed the bunny missing an ear and an eye out by my garden for a few months last summer. You could walk up to this bunny on it's bad side and stand there until it noticed your shadow. Some thing had gotten it and it had healed enough to make it rather large, but I haven't seen it in a long time.) So I can be caring even when the bunnies plunder through my garden eating whatever they can find. We live in the desert. I understand. but Um this bunny is not staying and that is because I am pleading technicality! ha!

And for those reading this and know me... They know I am writing this in sheer panic that my son will bringing out his winning negotiating smile and my husband and I are not on top of our game. ha! He is quite the little negotiator. I told my MIL and she laughed so hard I coulda put the phone down and still heard the giggling clearly from ten feet away.
Well you saw the pics. Isn't it sooooo cute!!!

And yes world.. As I am sure I will do more then once in the years to come in my life... I am eating my words..
P.S. I am off to seek out the pics of me finding a baby bunny about 4 years ago. Think it will make a great scrapbook page. Mother and Son. ha!
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