Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time Machine

The best part about having a child in the house is watching the creativity and the imagination. How boxes get squirreled away to the room to become other things. We are on a massive cleanout as we work on countdown to birthday. And these boxes are getting moved out but here is one worth keeping. A box time machine. This has controls and doohickeys galore. It is the beginning of the term "upcycling" we use as adults. A serious upcycle when a box can become a time machine. Gives me a fresh perspective on creativity daily. Also makes me look at the simplest object and imagine what it could be. I hope my Cowboy and I help our son keep up his creativity and imagination. I think later in life you need these things to think outside the box. To think past what things are meant or supposed to be and think more about what they could become. If you see my husband or I leaving the hardware store with random fittings and parts and we can't really explain what its for... just know we might be retrofitting a time machine.

Have a wonderful day!

Enjoy! Chris

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