Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Green dish.. "3 dish"

We are going through a food rethink here in the Durnan house. Recently, we have been doing "not less then 3" with most meals. The three being a combination of vegetables. So the side of our plates are filled with some combination of 3 or more veggies.

Last night, we cooked the 3 dish, but we bounce between cooked and raw. Surprisingly my son is jumping in and enjoying it.

This dish was alot of green veggies.
*fresh rosemary
*smidge of garlic
Tossed and heated up just so the zucchini was starting to cook and the onion had that shiny sheen when its cooking.

Normally, my son would hem and haw but he ate this and said it was good. He was eating away til he realized the teeny chunks were asparagus and those slowly got left behind. But the rest got eaten. And there were other veggies in the dish so no worries.

My son tossed his with some turkey italian sausage and gfree noodles and of course for this child no plate is complete without a little cheese. So parmesan.

I also had some noodles and my hubby passed on them. He is avoiding "the box" when it comes to food as much as possible. Love it! He is doing such a great job.

Our "3 dishes" mean the veggies are filling our plates.

I have some red russian kale growing on the front porch I shoulda snipped a little of that to. Maybe next time. Oh and fresh cilantro, but that woulda changed the whole taste. Fresh cilantro is very strong.

If you have any lots of veggies recipes, send them my way. Cooked or raw. I am lovin' it.

Have a wonderful day!

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