Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Science is a good thing to know.

My son has started school . He has had lots of first day of school papers . One was to tell the teacher about yourself . It started out with  "I would like the teacher to know ...  " and his response was "science" .So I said don't you think  it was supposed to be about you?  
He said the paper says "I would like the teacher to know "...  And  I would like her to know science . And he gave me that "dont ya get it smile" And walked away.

Sometimes my son is very literal . I love him . Luckily there was a huge smiley face drawn on the paper with an arrow pointing from the teacher.  Maybe she'll get him and he will make her smile. He always brings us lots of smiles.



Marlene said...

Oh I do love that boy! Has he been hanging with Evan too much or does he come by this naturally?
Oh....wait..... He is his daddy's boy! :)

Heidi said...

Hehe. I love it. These boys bring so much joy and laughter to my world. :)