Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just for Men: Chess Card

Sandra from the Forum Created this Chess card for a Manly Card Challenge. I think it fits the bill. Thank you so much to Sandra for loading it in the gallery.  And here is a negative of the cuts from the above card used for a Happy Birthday card. Perfect! Love it Sandra!
If you are interested in my chess piece file. You can find it here.  Great for many uses!

Although I have been known to play a chess game or two myself I do tend to think of it as a manly strategy game. My in-laws play a game called "nerts" it is a group solitaire game. We love it. It goes on vacation everywhere with us and since everyone needs his own deck of cards, I pick them up when on vacations. A great way to get a souvenir. My son's favorite deck is the one from the uss midway. However, he tends to get a little caught up in the deck as each card is a different photo and battelships etc. Very manly! We love it. Well that is enough of my rambles. Hope you enjoy!

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