Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just an update on life ....

So here is my very mad at me 7 month old border collie. He is tired.of me messing with his rattlesnake bite. He doesn't want me to heat compress it anymore. And the limited exercise is driving him up the wall.  Sheesh. We are ready for this phase to be over.

And on top of that my 8 year old son is done hanging out with Mom and wants to go back to school. I myself cannot wait. I will be happy to be back in my studio again next week. I will miss him, but it will be good.

We are preparing for school with a lunch setup so my son can make his own lunch this year. The smell of bread kills me in the morning. I think he is old enough to pull something from each lunch drawer and make a sandwich.

Also I put a shoe hanger on the back of his door. It has a bunch pf shoes and his scouts belt and hat in their own cubby. Not in the room in the mess. Yeah!

Cleaning off the library shelf and preparing to go shop for supplies.

I will miss our goofy tickle fights during the day.

I better run. I still need to heat compress that border collie. Where did he go? Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Tina Campbell said...

Awe the poor thing hope he gets better quickly.