Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cub Scout Plaques

I am a volunteer with Cub Scouts. I am a den leader for the Bears this year. Yeah!! So proud of last years 13 boys and hope they come back again this year.

I have made plaques for our leaders and this last week two exiting leaders of the troop received my plaques as a thank you for their service. I just wanted to share because I thought they came out pretty nice.

If you like to cut paper, vinyl etc and have a local cub scout group or any parent volunteer ogranization near you. I am sure they would take any help volunteering for signs, plaques etc. Cub Scouts at the Scout level is all volunteer run by their parents and is a lot of work!! But so gratifying.  Just a note for volunteerism which I believe keeps our community going. The connections we make today may be the connections that hold us together under duress or during glory.

Don’t you think they came out nice? I love them. I hope the recipients did to!

Chris Durnan

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