Thursday, May 17, 2012

Horse Time - Happy Mother's Day!

I just realized my Mother's Day post never published. so here it is a little late.. but so fun!

Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Thought I would share some pics of one of my favorite pastimes with my guys.

We are in that two week time frame of spring here in arizona. Where you can breathe the air without feeling like you are going to combust from the heat. So we took advantage of it and worked with the horses. My son impresses me always as he works with his horse. His calm reminds me of his Dad and his canny knack to get a horse to stop and listen to him.  He has been riding on his own since he was 4. He is a better rider then I am at the age of ..... Well lets not go there.  Here are some photos to enjoy!

Thank you to my hubby for parenting with me and being such an awesome Dad. Without you, I would be at such a loss. We have the best kid in the world, but you are a big part of why he is.
- Chris

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