Friday, May 18, 2012

Cub Camp Visor - HTV project

First let me apologize if this comes over twice. My phone has had a pending post on my blogger app for about three days and well I decided to quit waiting for it and redo it. I am bummed that the blogger app doesn't work as well as I'd like because
I'd like to sit in the evenings and do my blog posts. So I am on the look for something new in that venue.

But on to my Cub Camp Visor.

Cub Camp is coming up and I like to wear visors that go completely around in the back. These are harder to find then I thought they would be. When it is 110 outside having a visor hold your hair up off your neck is just a little reprieve from the heat. I wanted a blue visor I could wear to match my Class B Pack uniform and so I made this visor out of heat transfer vinyl (the same as the shirts I made) and some bling I picked up at a retreat with Sandy McCauley. It was fun to do. I ironed the HTV on  to the visor and it was alot easier then I thought it would be with the curve. I actually ironed over the stitching and it stuck well. I didn't want to go over the stitches, but there wasn't another way to do it. The bling was a little crazier, but it worked. I freehand placed them and used my Jolee tool to heat set them.  I am thinking about getting another and doing a red white and blue version maybe. We shall see. I just know it will be nice to have something that matches for camp, but will be easy to wear otherwise as well. Hope you like and have a wonderful day!

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